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Kozlov SG, Orekhov AN, Tertov VV, Liakishev AA, Baldenkov GN, Li Khva Ren, Bocharova OI, Ruda MIa
Kardiologiia 1990 May 30:5 14-8


The beta-adrenoblockers anapriline and visken and the calcium antagonist corinfar were studied for effects on the atherogenic properties of the sera from patients with coronary heart disease who took the drugs. The study was performed by using cultured atherosclerotically altered human aortic smooth muscle cells. A single dose of anapriline, 80 mg, and that of visken, 20 mg, were found to give rise to or to enhance atherogenic properties of the patients' sera, while that of corinfar, 20 mg, yielded their antiatherosclerotic properties.