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Publications from 1991 to 1992

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1 Multiple-modified desialylated low density lipoproteins that cause intracellular lipid accumulation. Isolation, fractionation and characterization.

Tertov VV, Sobenin IA, Gabbasov ZA, Popov EG, Jaakkola O, Solakivi T, Nikkari T, Smirnov VN, Orekhov AN
Lab Invest 1992 Nov 67:5 665-75

2 [The structure of the endothelialized and nonendothelialized areas of myointimal thickening of the rabbit aorta] [in Russian]

Rekhter MD, Andrianova IV, Ragimov SE, Mironov AA, Orekhov AN
Morfologiia 1992 May 102:5 61-9

3 The atherogenic effect of lupus sera: systemic lupus erythematosus-derived immune complexes stimulate the accumulation of cholesterol in cultured smooth muscle cells from human aorta.

Kabakov AE, Tertov VV, Saenko VA, Poverenny AM, Orekhov AN
Clin Immunol Immunopathol 1992 Jun 63:3 214-20

4 [Effects of lovastatin therapy on the level of low density lipoproteins and atherogenic potential of serum in patients with ischemic heart disease and hypercholesterolemia] [in Russian]

Kacharava AG, Tertov VV, Zhukova IM, Orekhov AN
Kardiologiia 1992 Jun 32:6 21-3

5 [Atherogenic properties of phenothiazine drugs manifesting in cultured cells of the human aortic intima] [in Russian]

Iakushkin VV, Baldenkov GN, Tertov VV, Orekhov AN
Kardiologiia 1992 Jun 32:6 66-8

6 Sialic acid content of human low density lipoproteins affects their interaction with cell receptors and intracellular lipid accumulation.

Orekhov AN, Tertov VV, Sobenin IA, Smirnov VN, Via DP, Guevara J Jr, Gotto AM Jr, Morrisett JD
J Lipid Res 1992 Jun 33:6 805-17

7 Three types of naturally occurring modified lipoproteins induce intracellular lipid accumulation due to lipoprotein aggregation.

Tertov VV, Orekhov AN, Sobenin IA, Gabbasov ZA, Popov EG, Yaroslavov AA, Smirnov VN
Circ Res 1992 Jul 71:1 218-28

8 Beta-blockers: propranolol, metoprolol, atenolol, pindolol, alprenolol and timolol, manifest atherogenicity on in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo models. Elimination of propranolol atherogenic effects by papaverine.

Orekhov AN, Andrianova IV, Rekhter MD, Tertov VV, Andreeva ER, Ragimov SE, Mironov AA
Atherosclerosis 1992 Jul 95:1 77-85

9 Lipid-laden white blood cells in the circulation of patients with coronary heart disease.

Tertov VV, Kalenich OS, Orekhov AN
Exp Mol Pathol 1992 Aug 57:1 22-8

10 [Carbohydrate composition of native and desialylated low density lipoproteins in the plasma of patients with coronary atherosclerosis] [in Russian]

Tertov VV, Sobenin IA, Gevara Kh, Morrisett DD, Orekhov AN
Kardiologiia 1992 Sep 32:9-10 57-61