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   Institute for Atherosclerosis Research is a nonprofit organization, formed in 1992. Our purpose is to develop and apply scientific methods which is based on fundamental researches to prevention and treatment of aterosclerosis, the number one problem in modern medicine and pulic health.

Prof. Alexander N. Orekhov, PhD, DSc is Director of the Institute for Atherosclerosis Research.

The main theme of the Institute's research is to study the mechanisms of atherosclerosis in human arteries. Our overall objectives:

  • to study of tissue mechanisms of atherogenesis - to determine the causes of local atherosclerotic lesions;
  • to identify the systemic (organismic) basis of atherogenesis - to explore the role of humoral factors in the development of atherosclerosis;
  • to study the mechanisms of accumulation of lipids in the vascular wall - the main manifestations of atherosclerosis;
  • to develop a pathogenetic approach to the prevention and treatment of diseases, which are based on atherosclerosis.

The total number of employees of the Institute - 116 people, including 18 researchers, 3 PhD, 8 PhDs, 3 academicians, 2 Laureate of All-Russian Exhibition Centre. Researchers of the Institute of atherosclerosis are highly qualified specialists of international level, recognized experts in their field. On their account more than 500 publications, mostly in international journals, more than 30 patents and licenses, the registered discovery. During the work of the Institute of Atherosclerosis have been defended 3 doctoral and 13 master's theses. Our staff reported results of their researches in 39 Russian and 57 international scientific congresses, conferences and symposia.

Specialists of the Institute are recognized among scientists around the world concerned with atherosclerosis. It is not surprising that many foreign pharmaceutical companies appeal to the experts of the Institute for Atherosclerosis Research with proposals to test their drugs. We have well-established methodology for assessing the effectiveness of various anti-atherosclerotic agents, which allows conduct laboratory and clinical researches at the highest level, including studies concerning standards GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) and GCP (Good Clinical Practice) for further consideration of the results of FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

The Institute for Atherosclerosis Research was granted residency status of the Development Fund of the Center develop and commercialize new technologies "Skolkovo" in 2011.

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