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Anastasia V Poznyak, Evgeny E Bezsonov, Evgeny E Borisov, Andrey V Grechko, Andrey G Kartuesov, Alexander N Orekhov

Int J Mol Sci. 2022 Feb 24;23(5):2504. doi: 10.3390/ijms23052504.


For the past several decades, humanity has been dealing with HIV. This disease is one of the biggest global health problems. Fortunately, modern antiretroviral therapy allows patients to manage the disease, improving their quality of life and their life expectancy. In addition, the use of these drugs makes it possible to reduce the risk of transmission of the virus to almost zero. Atherosclerosis is another serious pathology that leads to severe health problems, including disability and, often, the death of the patient. An effective treatment for atherosclerosis has not yet been developed. Both types of immune response, innate and adaptive, are important components of the pathogenesis of this disease. In this regard, the peculiarities of the development of atherosclerosis in HIV carriers are of particular scientific interest. In this review, we have tried to summarize the data on atherosclerosis and its development in HIV carriers. We also looked at the classic therapeutic methods and their features concerning the concomitant diagnosis.


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