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Andreeva ER, Pugach IM, Gordon D, Orekhov AN
Tissue Cell 1998 Feb 30(1):127-135.


The localization of pericyte-like cells in adult human vascular bed was studied immunocytochemically using anti-pericyte antibody--3G5. In large, medium- and small-size arteries, pericyte-like cells were identified in the inner intimal layer, predominantly in the subendothelium, in the outer layer of the media and in the adventitia in vasa vasora. In veins, pericytes were found in the subendothelial layer of the intima, in the media and in the adventitia where they were located in vasa vasora. These cells were revealed in the subendothelium of arterioles, venules and capillaries of the pia mater encephali. Examination of intimal en face preparations of various size blood vessels showed that subendothelial pericyte-like cells form a network contacting with their processes. Thus we found a continuous subendothelial network formed by pericyte-like cells in the human vascular bed.