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Iakushkin VV, Tertov VV, Orekhov AN
Kardiologiia 1993 33:9 51-4


Verapamil was examined for effects on atherosclerotic manifestations in cultured human aortic intimal cells. Addition of verapamil in a concentration of 10(-6)-10(-4) M to the cultured cells isolated from aortic atherosclerotic areas led to lower cellular lipids, suppressed cell proliferation and inhibited synthesis of collagen and cholesterol esters 24 hours after incubation. Verapamil also prevented atherogenic serum-induced accumulation of cholesterol in the cells isolated from normal aortic intimal areas. No decrease in cellular cholesterol levels was observed when the cells had been incubated with verapamil in the medium containing lipid-free serum. The findings suggest that the atherosclerotic effect of verapamil, which was seen in the experiments with animals, can be determined by the action of this drug on cellular processes.