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Tertov VV, Sobenin IA, Orekhov AN
Free Radic Res 1996 Oct 25:4 313-9


The sialic acid content of electronegative low density lipoprotein (LDL) and LDL isolated from human aortic intima was measured. Sialic acid level in electronegative LDL of healthy subjects was 1.7-fold lower than in native LDL. Sialic acid content in electronegative LDL of coronary atherosclerosis patients was 3-fold lower than in native LDL. Lipoproteins isolated from grossly normal human aortic intima and from fatty streaks contained 20-56% less sialic acid as compared to blood plasma LDL. A negative correlation was established between the ability of electronegative and aortic LDL to stimulate lipid accumulation in cells cultured from uninvolved human aortic intima and lipoprotein sialic acid content. The results obtained indicate that electronegative and aortic LDLs have a low sialic acid content, i.e., are desialylated lipoproteins. Considered together with the fact that all known atherogenic LDLs have similar characteristics, our findings suggest that modified LDLs are the same lipoprotein particles subjected to multiple modification.