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Shagaeva MM, Slavina LS, Sobenin IA, Orekhov AN
Probl Endokrinol (Mosk) 1993 Jan-Feb 39:1 14-5


Blood serum atherogenicity was studied in children suffering from type I diabetes mellitus, as was the relationship between the serum atherogenicity and a number of clinical biochemical parameters. Of the 34 serum samples from children with diabetes 16 did not influence the intracellular cholesterol levels, the rest 18 were found atherogenic, that is, they increased the total cholesterol levels in the cells by 50-70%. Blood serum atherogenicity in all the examinees and in groups A and B separately was unrelated to the patients' age, insulin dose, fructosamine levels, or the disease standing. A positive correlation was detected between the patients' ages and the insulin dose.