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Maksumova MA, Sobenin IA, Balabolkin MI, Orekhov AN
Probl Endokrinol (Mosk) 1994 Jan-Feb 40:1 20-2


Effects of oral sugar-reducing sulfonylurea drugs, glibenclamide, glypizide, and glyclaside, on intracellular cholesterol level of murine peritoneal macrophages were studied, as were papaverin effects on atherogenicity induced by sulfonylurea derivatives. Direct effect of sulfonylurea preparations and of blood sera from patients with type II diabetes on atherogenic potential after the said drugs intake were studied in cell cultures. All the drugs mentioned increased intracellular cholesterol level by 1.5 times both in vitro and in vivo. Papaverin, if administered simultaneously with sulfonylurea drugs, markedly reduced atherogenic potential induced by these drugs. Addition of papaverin to culture medium containing 10(-4) mole/liter of sulfonylurea drugs resulted in a reliable reduction of their atherogenic effect, the maximal effect being observed at papaverin concentration 10(-5) mole/liter. Hence, papaverin is capable of eliminating an unfavorable atherogenic effect of sulfonylurea drugs.