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Rekhter MD, Andreeva ER, Mironov AA, Orekhov AN
Arkh Patol 1991 53:5 45-50


Three-dimensional organization of the subendothelial aortal intima was studied by means of light microscopy of serial membranous preparations and scanning electron microscopy. Three-dimensional network composed of cells of varying shape is found in normal intima. Lipid inclusion in the lipid streak are found mainly in the stellate and roundish cells. Intercellular links are destroyed in the superficial layers of the lipid streak with extracellular lipid droplets being found in the region of the contact rupture. The cells are practically deprived of contacts in the marginal zone and central part of the atherosclerotic plaque cover where giant stellate cells integrated into the rough fibrillar connective tissue matrix are frequently found.