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Orekhova NM, Akchurin RS, Belyaev AA, Smirnov MD, Ragimov SE, Orekhov AN
Thromb Res 1990 Feb 15 57:4 611-6


Thrombosis was induced in 18 dog and 16 rabbit arteries by surgically inverting a vascular wall flap into its lumen. A completely occluding red thrombus was formed inside the vessel 4 to 5 hours later in 80% of cases. SmCo5 magnet was secured externally to one of the arteries. The constant magnetic field produced by the magnet had no influence on the clot formation. Autologous red cells loaded with ferromagnetic colloid compound and aspirin were administered intravenously and completely aborted arteriothrombosis on magnet-supplied side with no deterioratory effect on clot formation in the control artery.