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Orekhov AN, Beliaev AA, Orekhova NM, Samokhin GP, Ragimov SE
Biull Eksp Biol Med 1987 Aug 104:8 153-5


Thrombosis was induced in both canine carotid arteries by means of vascular wall flap inversion into their lumens. A red, completely occluding thrombus was formed inside the vessel 4 to 5 hours later. SmCo5 magnet was secured externally to one of the arteries. The constant magnetic field produced by the magnet had no influence on the clot formation. Autologous red cells loaded with ferromagnetic colloid compound and aspirin were administered intravenously through the hind paw route; total aspirin pool was 20 micrograms. Circulating magnetically-charged red cells have been earlier shown to concentrate in a canine artery in the constant magnet area. The administration of magnetically-charged red cells loaded with aspirin completely prevented arterial thrombosis in the magnet-supplied artery, having no detrimental effect on clot formation in the control artery.