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Khashimov KhA, Okur F, Orekhov AN, Kurdanov KhA, Tertov V
Biull Vsesoiuznogo Kardiol Nauchn Tsentra AMN SSSR 1988 11:1 95-8


It was found out that lipostabil induced decrease in cholesterol contents in both organ and primary culture of human aorta atherosclerotic plaques. This phenomenon was caused by the effect of lipostabil on cellular output of cholesterol. The study of concentration dependence showed that the cholesterol-decreasing effect of lipostabil was maximal at its concentration in the medium over 250 microliter/ml. At such concentration lipostabil had no significant effect on the blood rheology and inhibited to a great extent platelet aggregation induced by phospholipid platelet activating factor and by some other agents.