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Kosykh VA, Orekhov AN, Repin VS
Biull Eksp Biol Med 1982 May 93:5 104-6


Cells from the intimal and medial layers of the normal and atherosclerotic human aortas were isolated by enzymatic dispersion. The isolated cells were stained in suspension by intravital staining with acridine orange as fluorescent stain for nucleic acids. The intensity of red fluorescence in each cell corresponding to the RNA content was measured and recorded by flow cytofluorometer. Cell distribution as measured by two parameters: red fluorescence (the RNA content) and light scatter (the cell size) revealed two cell subpopulations as regards cell populations from the intima and media, namely A cells with low RNA content and B cells with higher RNA content. The relative cell number in subpopulation A isolated from the intima with atherosclerotic lesions was greater than that isolated from the normal intima.