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Krushinskiy AV, Orekhov AN
Biull Vsesoiuznogo Kardiol Nauchn Tsentra AMN SSSR 1981 4:2 36-9


A method is suggested for isolation and cultivation of cells from the intima and media of human aorta. In primary cell cultures obtained by this method, cell polymorphism has been found. Four main morphologic types of cells have been described: prolonged, asymmetric, polygonal and star-shaped. Polygonal and star-shaped cells have been found only in the cell cultures taken from intact intima. Prolonged and asymmetric cells have been found in all the cultures without exception. The proportion of the prolonged and asymmetric cells in the cultures obtained from intact aorta wall and from lipofibrous plaques is approximately similar and makes 3 : 1. In the cultures obtained from the sites of a vessel with lipid stripes the part of asymmetric cells exceeds 50%.