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Kosykh VA, Orekhov AN, Preobrazhenskiy SN, Repin VS
Biull Eksp Biol Med 1982 Dec 94:12 42-5


Cells were isolated by enzyme dispersion of plaques (N-cells) and unaffected areas (A-cells) of human aorta. The capacity of both types of cells to uptake LDL was compared in 7-day primary cultures. Also, these populations were analyzed to discover subpopulations with different types of LDL uptake. RITC-labeled LDL was used for the purpose. A fluorescent-activated cell sorter (FACS-II, Becton and Dickinson, USA) was used to measure the RITC-LDL content and to sort out cell subpopulations. It was shown that the A-cell population consists of two subpopulations with a different type of RITC-LDL uptake. Cells overloaded with lipid inclusions uptake RITC-LDL nonspecifically, while cells without lipid inclusions mostly uptake RITC-LDL through specific receptors.