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Ren LK, Vasil'ev AV, Orekhov AN, Tutel'ian VA
Vopr Med Khim 1989 Mar-Apr 35:2 112-5


Consumption of 15 g of 40% eicosapentaenic acid within 3 days resulted in 3-fold increase of its content in blood serum of healthy persons and of patients with heart ischemic disease, whereas concentration of arachidonic acid was unaltered. Administration of blood serum containing increased content of eicosapentaenic acid into cell culture of human aorta intima caused a decrease in accumulation of the intracellular cholesterol and in 3H-thymidine incorporation. Simultaneous addition of the blood serum containing eicosapentaenic acid and the structure derivative of A2 thromboxane V 46619 into the aorta intima cell culture led to a distinct decrease in the atherosclerotic effect of the latter drug. Combination of the blood serum with carbocycline or with prostaglandin I2 resulted in the most pronounced lowering of intracellular cholesterol content and of the cell proliferating activity. The antiatherosclerotic effect of eicosapentaenic acid appears to relate not only to the fact that the drug is precursor of prostaglandine I2 and I3 but also to the regulating effect on a balance of various prostaglandins.