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A V Poznyak, D A Kashirskikh, A Y Postnov, M A Popov, V N Sukhorukov, A N Orekhov

Braz J Med Biol Res . 2023 Dec 11:56:e12972. doi: 10.1590/1414-431X2023e12972. eCollection 2023.


In the modern world, cardiovascular diseases have a special place among the most common causes of death. Naturally, this widespread problem cannot escape the attention of scientists and researchers. One of the main conditions preceding the development of fatal cardiovascular diseases is atherosclerosis. Despite extensive research into its pathogenesis and possible prevention and treatment strategies, many gaps remain in our understanding of this disease. For example, the concept of multiple low-density lipoprotein modifications was recently stated, in which desialylation is of special importance. Apart from this, sialic acids are known to be important contributors to processes such as endothelial dysfunction and inflammation, which in turn are major components of atherogenesis. In this review, we have collected information on sialic acid metabolism, analyzed various aspects of its implication in atherosclerosis at different stages, and provided an overview of the role of particular groups of enzymes responsible for sialic acid metabolism in the context of atherosclerosis.


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