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Konstantin A Lusta, Anastasia V Poznyak, Larisa Litvinova, Paolo Poggio, Alexander N Orekhov, Alexandra A Melnichenko

Pharmaceutics . 2022 Nov 25;14(12):2597. doi: 10.3390/pharmaceutics14122597.


Bacterial extracellular membrane nanovesicles (EMNs) are attracting the attention of scientists more and more every year. These formations are involved in the pathogenesis of numerous diseases, among which, of course, the leading role is occupied by infectious diseases, the causative agents of which are a range of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. A separate field for the study of the role of EMN is cancer. Extracellular membrane nanovesicles nowadays have a practical application as vaccine carriers for immunization against many infectious diseases. At present, the most essential point is their role in stimulating immune response to bacterial infections and tumor cells. The possibility of nanovesicles' practical use in several disease treatments is being evaluated. In our review, we listed diseases, focusing on their multitude and diversity, for which EMNs are essential, and also considered in detail the possibilities of using EMNs in the therapy and prevention of various pathologies.


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