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Sazonova M.A, Sinyov V.V., Barinova V.A., Ryzhkova A.I., Zhelankin A.V., Mitrofanov K.Yu., Postnov A.Yu., Sobenin I.A., Orekhov A.H.

Journal of Basic and Applied Medicine PATHOGENESIS v. 12, №2 2014

In most cases atherosclerosis of human great vessels is a morphological basis of mortality from cardio vascular
pathologies. In the twenty-first century atherosclerosis has an epidemic character. Molecular genetic markers associated with atherosclerosis can help early diagnosis of this pathology. Studies of researchers all over the world
are mainly devoted to autosomal mutations associated with atherosclerosis. Only a few studies are devoted to
molecular genetic defects in the mitochondrial genome associated with atherosclerotic lesions. In this study we
analyzed the association of the heteroplasmy level in mitochondrial mutation G15059A and G14846A of
cytochrome B gene with atherosclerosis in individuals, the aortic intima of which was morphologically divided into
segments with atherosclerotic lesions of varying severity.
Key words: mitochondrial genome, mutation, gene, heteroplasmy level, cytochrome B, aortic intima,
lipofibrous, plaque, primary atherosclerotic lesion, fibrous, atherosclerosis.


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