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Shchelkunova TA, Albert EA, Morozov IA, Rubtsov PM, Samokhodskaya LM, Sobenin IA, Orekhov AN,  Smirnov AN. 
Biochemistry (Moscow) 2011 76(10): 1178-1184


Contents of mRNAs encoding endosome/lysosome components EEA1, Rab5a, Lamp1, Lamp2, p62 (SQSTM1), and CD63 were measured by quantitative PCR and compared in intact fragments of human aorta and in aorta fragments with atherosclerotic lesions of stage II (fatty streaks) of the same donors. During atherogenesis an increase was detected only in the level of p62 mRNA but not in other mRNAs. Nevertheless, correlation analysis revealed a profound rearrangement of inter-gene correlations: only 30% of correlations found in the fatty streaks coincided with the correlations in normal fragments. Thus, new constellations were formed in fatty streaks concurrently with disappearance of correlations betweenmRNAs under study and mRNAs encoding factors of lipid accumulation, reverse cholesterol transfer, and some lipid sensors/transcription regulators of lipid metabolism.