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Rekhter MD, Andrianova IV, Ragimov SE, Mironov AA, Orekhov AN
Morfologiia 1992 May 102:5 61-9


De-endothelialization of the abdominal aorta of the rabbit was performed with a balloon catheter. As a result, a partially endothelialized myointimal thickening was formed consisting of smooth myocytes and macrophages. As compared with the zone devoid of the endothelium the endothelialized zone was characterized by less thickness and by the presence of an additional elastic membrane. Great amount of leukocytes and solitary thrombocytes were adhesed just in the place of contact. In the center of nonendothelialized zone no adhesion was observed. In the zone covered by the endothelium smooth myocytes of the synthetic and contractile phenotype were seen with similar frequency. The nonendothelialized zone was presented mainly by smooth myocytes of the synthetic phenotype and macrophages. The myointimal thickening of the rabbit aorta might be considered as an informative model for analysis of myoendothelial interactions.