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Rekhter MD, Andrianova IV, Ragimov SE, Andreeva ER, Mironov AA, Tararak EM, Orekhov AN
Arkh Patol 1991 53:2 18-22


Balloon catheter de-endothelialization of abdominal aorta of cholesterol-fed rabbits was performed. As a result, partly endothelialized neointima was formed, consisting of smooth muscle cells and macrophages. Neutral lipids stored more intensely in non-endothelialized part of neointima. Preferential intracellular lipid accumulation in this area was observed while predominantly extracellular lipid accumulation was found in endothelium-covered part of neointima. It is supposed that endothelium inhibits intracellular lipid accumulation and at the same time stimulates an extracellular one, but as a whole it reduces the density of lipid inclusions in neointima.