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Andreeva ER, Orekhov AN, Domogatskiy SP, Idel'son GL
Biull Eksp Biol Med 1983 Oct 96:10 110-1


Fibrosis is the most important manifestation of human vascular atherosclerosis. Primary culture of human aortic cells makes it possible to study some manifestations of fibrosis in vitro. Indirect immunofluorescence has shown that primary culture cells contain intracellular antigens to all the antibodies used but that only type I collagen forms extracellular matrix in culture. Modulation of the cultivation conditions does not lead to the appearance on the cell surface of other type collagens. It is assumed that in primary culture, human aortic cells synthesize the same collagen types as those synthesized in vitro. This circumstance might enable using such a culture as model for studying the mechanisms of fibrosis during atherosclerosis.