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Andreeva ER, Orekhov AN, Kotelianskiy VE
Tsitologiia 1984 Mar 26:3 340-3


Using indirect immunofluorescence, fibronectin localization in primary culture of human aortic cells was studied. Intimal and medical cultures obtained from normal and atherosclerotic zones were investigated. Four morphological cell types, previously described elsewhere, were found in these cultures. All the cell types were able to synthesise fibronectin and to form the extracellular matrix in culture. But the pattern and quantity of this matrix differs in different cell types. Elongate cells formed a fine network of fibronectin on their surface, but stellate, polygonal and asymmetric cells contained only several fibers of extracellular fibronectin. There was difference in the fibronectin localization pattern of the surface of cells, isolated from intima and media as well as from normal and atherosclerotic zones.