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Orekhov AN, Andreeva ER, Shekhonin BV, Tertov VV, Smirnov VN
Atherosclerosis 1984 Nov 53:2 213-9


Fibronectin was extracted from normal and atherosclerotic areas of human aorta by urea and heparin and sonication of the tissue. Fibronectin content was determined by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). In unaffected media and the media underlying an atherosclerotic plaque, the fibronectin content is approximately the same and much lower than in the intimal layer. In the plaque, the fibronectin content is 2-3-fold lower compared to the unaffected intima. Using indirect immunofluorescence it was found, that fibronectin is localized in the media along elastic laminae; in unaffected intima its fibers are evenly distributed throughout the layer, while in the plaque all fibronectin is concentrated in the cap.