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Nikiforov Nikita
Curriculum Vitae
Personal details
Nikiforov Nikita
Date and place of birth
October 31, 1989,
Birsk, Bashkortostan, Russia
Private address Kosygina str. 13, app 274,
119334 Moscow, Russia
Mobile phone: +79190577611 (Moscow)
e-mail: Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.
Education and career
2016 – Present time Senior researcher at the "National Medical
Research Center of Cardiology" of the Ministry
of Health of the Russian Federation
PhD project
2012 – 2017 PhD project performed at the "National Medical
Research Center of Cardiology" of the Ministry
of Health of the Russian Federation Thesis title:
“Study of monocyte/macrophage activation
profile in the interaction with low density
Supervisor Dr. Igor Sobenin
2012 – 2015 PhD student at the "National Medical
Research Center of Cardiology" of the Ministry
of Health of the Russian Federation
2014 – Present time Senior researcher at the Institute of General
Pathology and Pathophysiology of the Russian
Academy of Medical Sciences
2006 – 2012 Student at the Moscow State University of
Physics and Technology. Department of
Molecular and Biological Physics
Nikiforov Nikita
Master project
June 2011 – April 2012 Master project performed at Heidelberg
University, Medical Faculty Mannheim,
Germany, Laboratory for cell and molecular
Biology of Innate Immunity. Thesis title:
“Analysis of endocytosis and patocytosis of
disperse and aggregated modified lipoproteins
in differently activated primary macrophages.”
Supervisor Prof. Dr. Julia Kzhyshkowska
Bachelor project
Sep. 2009 – May 2010 Bachelor project performed at Institute of
Molecular Biology, Russian Academy of
Science, Moscow. Thesis title: “Influence of the
hypoxia on the differentiation and proliferation of
mouse embryonic and postnatal cells”
Supervisor Prof. Dr. Yegor Yegorov
2002 – 2006 Graduated from lyceum 1 specialized in
mathematics, Birsk, Bashkortostan, Russia
(silver medal)
2002 General School 7, Birsk, Bashkortostan, Russia.
All scores excellent
1996 – 2002 General School 9, Birsk, Bashkortostan, Russia.
Awards and prizes for scientific activity
Young Investigator Award, Winner - Oral, 11th Congress of Asian Pacific Society of
Atherosclerosis & Vascular Disease, 2018
Additional research experience
May 2010 – 2015 Research project at Institute for Atherosclerosis
Research (Skolkovo Innovative Centre)
Additional courses
Nov 2011 The Russian-Scandinavian School “Gene
diagnostics of atherosclerosis. Mitochondrial
Languages Russian – mother language
English – intermediate level
Methodological skills 1. Immunological methods: Western blot,
immunofluorescence and confocal fluorescent
microscopy, ELISA, immunohistochemistry.
2. Protein techniques: VLDL, LDL, HLDL
3. Cell culture: subculturing and maintainance of
Nikiforov Nikita
cell lines, isolation of monocytes from buffy
4. Functional assays: phagocytosis and
endocytosis assays.
5. Animal handling: isolation of bone marrow
stem cells from mice.
Scientific interests
Atherosclerosis, general immunology, immunoregulation, plasticity of macrophage
phenotype, M1/M2 reprogramming of macrophage phenotype, receptors of innate
immunity, role of low-density lipoproteins in atherosclerosis processes.
1. The Link between Chronic Stress and Accelerated Aging. Yegorov YE,
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2. Medicinal Plants as a Potential and Successful Treatment Option in the
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8. Nikiforov NG, Zakiev ER, Elizova NV, Sukhorukov VN, Orekhov AN. Multiple-
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Development of Therapeutic Approaches to reduce blood Atherogenicity. Curr
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Nikiforov Nikita
9. Zakiev ER, Nikiforov NG, Orekhov AN. Cell-Based Models for Development
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Chapter in the book “Advances in Lipoprotein Research”
Nikiforov NG, Zakiev ER, Melnichenko AA, Orekhov AN. Circulating
Atherogenic Multiple-Modified Low-Density Lipoprotein: Pathophysiology and
Clinical Applications, Advances in Lipoprotein Research, Prof. Turgay Isbir
(Ed.), InTech, 2017 DOI: 10.5772/67055.
Nikiforov Nikita
Experience in managing and participating in research projects
Russian Foundation for Basic Research, 18-34-00997, Study of the role of genes
identified by transcriptome analysis of cholesterol-loaded macrophages in key
molecular mechanisms of progression of atrosclerosis, 2018-2019
Grants Council of the President of the Russian Federation, NSh-6995.2016.7, Use of
transgenic cells to study the mechanisms of communication between atherosclerosis
and defects of the mitochondrial genome, 2016-2017
Fund for the Promotion of the Development of Small Forms of Enterprises in the
Scientific and Technical Field, 12582р / 24022, Development and creation of a
diagnostic kit for measuring the level of modified low density lipoproteins in human
blood, 2014-2016
Russian Science Foundation, 14-14-01038, Variability of the mitochondrial genome:
effect on the functional activity of cells, 2014-2016
Russian Science Foundation, 14-15-00245, Molecular Mechanism and
Pathophysiological Importance of Modifying Proteins with Active Carbonyl
Compounds, 2014-2016 *
Russian Science Foundation, 14-15-00112, Transcriptome Activated Macrophage
Study, 2014-2016
Russian Science Foundation, 14-15-00112, Transcriptome Activated Macrophage
Study, 2017-2018 (extension)
Russian Foundation for Basic Research, 14-04-01920, Effect of hyperglycemia on
STAT-dependent signaling in macrophages of types 1 and 2 and plasticity of the
macrophage phenotype, 2014-2016
* Excluded from project No. 14-15-00245 in 2016
Key scientific results over the past 5 years
It has been demonstrated that modified LDL circulating in the blood of patients with
atherosclerosis, in turn, is able to modulate the immune response.
Genes involved in the innate immunity reaction have been identified that are
activated due to the interaction of monocytes / macrophages with modified LDL and
subsequently induce the accumulation of cholesterol.
There are preliminary unpublished data suggesting that circulating monocytes of
patients with atherosclerosis are more susceptible to pro-inflammatory stimuli, i.e.
more activated. Such enhanced activation of monocytes in patients with
atherosclerosis may be the result of training of monocytes.
Nikiforov Nikita
In a pilot study, a relationship was established between the blood lipid profile and the
ability of circulating monocytes to activate.
Piano, pictorial art, soccer, basketball.